Insects found in popcorn

News 7 February, 2018
  • Marie-Eve Dumont

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018 20:02

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018 20:02

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    Bags of popping corn Great Value, are covered by a recall because of the presence of insects inside.

    “Popping corn, is an agricultural product, is susceptible to insects, in particular for the storage of grain,” says Maria Kubacki of the canadian Agency of food inspection.

    The recall affects bags of grain, non-split of 1 kg of Great Value, the house brand of Walmart. It includes all of the “Best before” dates purchased no later than December 28, 2017 at the national level, Québec is included.

    The spokesman stressed that there has not, however, pose a health risk to consume the product, it is a non-hazardous material.

    “It can happen in the popping corn, but also in other agricultural products such as dates, couscous or tea, by example,” said Ms. Kubacki.

    Not the first time

    But according to Sylvain Charlebois, a specialist in agri-food, with the technologies that exist, this type of incident should not occur.

    “There are all kinds of machines that read each seed. Manufacturers may sell products hyper cleansed, it is unforgivable that kind of stuff today, ” he said.

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    Sylvain Charlebois, an expert on agri-food

    The Agency had issued exactly the same recall on this product of the american multinational in December 2015.

    The corn of Walmart, however, is not the only one who has already been referred to, of the packets of one and two kilograms of popping corn the brand’s Selection of Metro have also been recalled on the 27th of last December for the same reason.

    Walmart has not responded to questions from the Journal.