Instagram now allows you to respond to stories with a photo or video

Techno 7 July, 2017

In a new update, Instagram now offers its users a direct response to the Stories with ultra-customized photos and videos. Revolution in sight?

You are warned: you will spend your summer on the application dedicated to the photo and the video held by Facebook. A few days ago, the editing of meltyStyle announced the great step taken by Instagram, which decided to strengthen its fight against harassment through artificial intelligence. While many accounts and messages pollute the social network by inviting users to pay to have more and more followers, the app decided it was time to act. But, not to be too serious all the time, Instagram also brought a series in comic mode for the summer, imagined by Arte. Now, as a proof that there is new on all fronts, it is on the side of the stories that it activates, with the announcement of a new functionality: in its new update, Insta allows Users to respond to Stories with a photo or video. Kezako? To sum up, Instagram offers you a new way to interact with your loved ones wherever they are.

“From today, you can respond to stories with a photo or video. From selfies to Boomerang videos, you can now respond to your friends in an even more fun and playful way,” the social network said in a statement Released today. To go from theory to practice, here’s the way to go: in order to answer a Story, it’s simple, you just have to tap the button of the camera the moment you see a story. Then simply take a photo, video or boomerang and add creative tools (face filters, stickers or the Rewind option) if desired. Once the reply has been sent, the user can continue to view Stories, the firm says. When a friend answers your story with a photo or video, you’ll see it in your inbox. You can press to view it, but also see a sticker of the original story that is only visible to you. As for ephemeral photos and videos in Direct, your friends will know when you have taken a screenshot or re-read an answer. Come on, we are not asking you what you’re going to do this weekend, we imagine you will test this new on Instagram!