Instagram: “Summer”, the comic strip that lands on the social network

Techno 5 July, 2017

Do you want to read a little this summer while avoiding the cobblestones? Then the series “Summer” could well be made for you: it is a comic specially designed for Instagram.

This summer, you will be able to spend your free time on the social network dedicated to photography and video, and all in a “peace and love” mode since Instagram announced the reinforcement of its fight against the harassment thanks to the ” artificial intelligence. Would you like to follow a saga on the social network this summer? You are told this because, since June 29, a comic is revealed gradually on the app: “Summer”, is the name of this creation signed Arte and developed, among others, by the screenwriter Thomas Cadène. Well, we see you coming: it’s signed Arte so it’s not going to be the funniest comic in the world. Error ! The series specially designed for Instagram wants to be light and spicy, telling the adventures of Abel and Olivia, a young loving couple decided to enjoy each summer on their own. Hallucinogenic mushrooms, trips, or even first time roller derby are on the program, according to the pitch unveiled by the television channel.

And we warn you already: the comics will rhythm your summer, with 60 episodes planned (one episode per day) and spread over several vignettes thanks to the format carousel. “Instagram has established itself as a network for broadcasting, because it is the image network, and in the summer, everyone shows his feet in the sand or sunsets, so we accompany people to their holidays. Let’s get the readers where they are – rather than creating a device per se, “says the team in charge of this project. Come on, we’ll let you discover all that, 8 episodes are already available on the dedicated account of the comic. On the sidelines, if you’re looking to spend a summer in food mode, we found 3 Instagram accounts that should give you water in your mouth.