Internal crisis in the Bloc: “as long As it is going to persist, the pieces range from”

News 4 March, 2018
  • Photo Agence QMI, JOEL LEMAY
    The leader of the Bloc québécois, Martine Ouellet

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    Sunday, march 4, 2018 10:06

    Sunday, march 4, 2018 10:09

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    A former mp believes that the hard work of Martine Ouellet to stay at the head of the Bloc québécois will lead to a slow decline of the policy-formation.

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    “I think she will hang on for a few more days, a few weeks, but she will see if she wants to render service to the sovereigntist movement, the Bloc québécois, and his departure is a condition for reconciliation and reconstruction, said Pierre Paquette, in an interview to the “Quebec Morning”, on the waves of LCN. As long as it will rail to stay in place, the pieces will go quietly.”

    According to him, the present crisis will not lead to the end of the Block, but to a “mobilization internal”. Mr. Paquette gives his own example: in withdrawal for a few months, he is now back to try to help the Bloc overcome this crisis.”

    The ex-politician believes that the seven deputies who have left the Block could mobilise the organisations of the 25 constituencies in order to promptly obtain the holding of a general council special. On this occasion, one might as well attempt to resolve the impasse and hold a vote of confidence on the leadership of Ms. Ouellet. A general council is expected in may, but it is “too far”, according to Pierre Paquette.

    “We can’t wait months before addressing this issue”, he believes.

    His fear, in front of the attitude of Ms. Ouellet and his family, is that people “leave the boat” and create another party sovereignty on the federal scene, which would compete with the Block.

    “When there are seven members out of ten who leave the caucus, we should personally ask questions,” says Mr. Paquette.

    He mentions that he is not surprised that the national office of the Bloc québécois has reiterated his support to Martine Ouellet.

    “The members of the national office are all close to Ms. Ouellet. What has surprised me is that they talk for six hours to come up with any concrete proposal, absolutely no way of reconciliation or out of the deadlock. As the seven members of parliament, I think that the deadlock persists.”