IOS 10.3: Before starting the update, do not forget to make a backup!

Techno 28 March, 2017

IOS 10.3 is (finally) available in its final version. This major update to the Apple operating system is full of new features. But before installing it, do not forget to make a backup
Apple File System, iCloud, AirPods localization … The update iOS 10.3 brings its batch of novelties, despite its intermediate version number. But before you want to take advantage of the new features of this update, you should think about backing up all your data . With iOS 10.3, Apple changes file system. She had not done this since 1985 (you were born at the time ?: o) then, as much to tell you that this update will revolutionize your files. But do not worry, Apple is always against porn and meltyStyle explains why it is important not to zap backup.
By switching from HFS to APFS, iOS 10.3 requires a real involvement of your files . So, it is better to back up all your data, as recommended by Apple before installing this update. In view of everything that happens on the planet of hackers who have recently found bugs on the MacBook Pro , we are never too careful when it comes to our personal data, especially if you can not happen to you Your phone or tablet.