IOS 11: More multitasking with 3D Touch!

Techno 3 July, 2017

User of iPhone 6s / 7, it seems that the 3D Touch function to switch to multitasking mode is no longer operational since switching to the beta iOS 11. Bug or actual deletion?

If you tested Apple iOS 11 in its beta version, you probably already noticed it: the 3D Touch gesture to start multitasking is no longer working. This gesture iPhone that was found on the 6s / 7 (Plus) models actually allowed you to navigate between different windows and open apps. Real time saving, ideal to move from one app to another, this function seems unfortunately absent from the last m.à.j. Simple bug? Well no ! For Apple, this is a deliberate choice.

If we know that Apple is responsible, the reason for this withdrawal is unknown. And it is unlikely that the Cupertino firm will justify its choice. This shortcut was very effective and allowed you not to have to type twice on your home button. If you used this shortcut often, you will have to change your habits. But we can still hope that another shortcut will emerge with the arrival on the market of the iPhone 8 and that this disappearance is justified … Answer in September?