IOS, Android: What if Nintendo launched Legend of Zelda on smartphones?

Techno 16 May, 2017

Nintendo should launch a Legend of Zelda on smartphone. In any case, this is what a US newspaper suggests. The details !
While Super Mario Run is making the happiness of gamers on mobile , Nintendo should soon launch a mobile adaptation of Legend of Zelda. And it is the very informed Wall Street Journal that is at the origin of this information. The US media does not give details on the future game but, one could expect a simpler version of the gameplay of this Nintendo license. Better still, the future mobile game should be available on iOS and Android, a few weeks after the release of the mobile adaptation of “Animal Crossing” scheduled for the fall of 2017.
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At the latest news, the mobile version of Legend of Zelda could be developed by DeNA, the Japanese studio that had published “Super Mario Run” , the first Nintendo game on smartphone. And as the CEO of Nintendo had entrusted, a few months ago, that the objective of his firm was to release two to three mobile games this year. So, expect new surprises in the next few days …