IPad Pro 10.5 inches: The first testers give their opinions!

Techno 13 June, 2017

The first models of the iPad Pro 10.5 are getting ready to be received by the users. But the lucky ones have already been able to test this new Apple tablet and give their opinion.
The iPad Pro 10.5 was one of the most anticipated tablets this year. We even wondered, in the editorial, whether it was not going to equal or even surpass the laptops with the apple , so much it promised to be performing. The first tests have fallen, and we make you the topo . As for the grip, CNET assures us that it is the same, despite its change of template. Heavier and bulkier than its predecessor (250.6 x 174.1 x 6.1 and 469 g vs 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm and 437 g Wi-Fi version), the iPad Pro 10.5 Inches is nevertheless endowed with thinner borders. Ars Technica admits that the handling is still slightly more tiring. Great innovation of the iPad Pro, its refresh rate which goes to 120 Hz, and that seems to make the difference.
Performance level, Mashable scores of better scores in single core and multi core than the Surface Pro 4 equipped with an Intel Core i5. A performance that Ars Technica confirms, with graphics going in this direction . The autonomy of this new tablet head does not seem of the least either; 13 hours, a record, according to Ars. A powerful tablet, an autonomy and a power unmatched until then, a screen just wow and a phenomenal camera … For now, the tablet almost unanimously the first testers. The only downside is the lack of iOS 11, scheduled for next autumn in its final version, and that should make all the difference once installed! We await this great update with impatience. With all these new features and the arrival of iOS 11, One even comes to wonder if buying a laptop will not soon become obsolete . And you, what do you think?