IPad: The tablet is born three years before the iPhone

Techno 5 July, 2017

Did you know that the iPad had been invented before the famous iPhone? One of the reasons for his late release was a result that did not suit the then president, Steve Jobs.

There are stories that make the legend of some products! The last one? It concerns a high-tech object that you may have at home (and on which you may read this article!). This is the iPad, whose beta iOS 11 is already available on the tablet. Caitlin Kalinowski, head of design at Oculus, told how the iPad has fallen behind and only three years after the iPhone. The result of a result that did not really suit CEO of the time, Steve Jobs. Caitlin Kalinowski took the opportunity to tell more precisely this story at the first French summit Lesbians Who Tech in Paris.

Caitlin Kalinowski explained at the congress “There was a non-negotiable element for Steve Jobs: the weight of the tablet. Every time a prototype was brought, he took it in his hands and said ‘no , It’s too heavy. “And it was over.” For Steve Jobs, it was clear: you should not tire the user by placing a heavy object in his hands. It took three years for the iPad, whose pro 10.5 is the most precise high-tech object of the moment, is born. Even more crazy? Steve Jobs asked his engineer Scott Forstall to reduce the size of the iPad to make it an iPhone. The CEO had noticed in a cafe that people were all on their phones but did not seem satisfied …