IPhone 4s: Will Apple unlock the smartphone of the Russian ambassador’s killer?

Techno 23 December, 2016

While the investigation into the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey begins to bear fruit, the Turkish authorities would have contacted Apple to unlock the guilty iPhone 4s! The details
Again, authorities have appealed to Apple to unlock an iPhone. But this time, it is not the FBI that failed, there a few months to a hacker 6s iPhone, despite all his attempts . No, it is the Turkish authorities which have contacted Apple to unlock the iPhone 4s the murderer of the Russian ambassador in Turkey . This is in any case what we learn from an American media. But between Apple and the authorities, who will be the new Turk’s head of this investigation? MeltyStyle gives you some answers.
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The iPhone 4s is almost waterproof
This time, Apple’s help does not seem to be essential. According macReports , Russia volunteered to send experts to Turkey to unlock iPhone 4s killer. Without being as inviolable as the latest iPhone that have emerged, the 4S is still well secured. At meltyStyle we bet some “geniuses” Russians are able to unlock the OKLM. As for Apple (which will launch new desktop Mac) , there is no requirement to help authorities. On one of its latest reports, Apple says it has so far responded to 50% of iPhone requests for access from Turkey. So wait and see …