IPhone 7: 269 euros discount on Apple’s smartphone, the golden deal of the day!

Techno 6 July, 2017

In this period of summer sales, the iPhone 7 enjoys nice promotions. The Apple smartphone is currently available at 500 euros instead of 769.

If you’re a fan of Apple’s smartphone, you must be in search of the rare pearl in this period of summer sales. And as usual, meltyStyle area on the net to find the best deals available in the market. And today, we are interested in the iPhone 7. While looks are already leveled to iPhone 8 that would not Touch ID sensor under the screen, the smartphone headed the hottest benefits from A very nice promotion. Usually marketed at 769 euros at Apple, the iPhone 7 is now available at 500 euros. Without further ado, discover this offer that should not be missed!

At the time of writing is at FNAC where we find the best iPhone 7 in its black 32GB version to 599 euros, by ICI. A nice promotion when we know that this smartphone has already been used to the realization of a short film by Michel Gondry. The iPhone 7 is still far from being has been. And if you want to protect it from falls, shock-proof shell and Speck portfolio could be an interesting ally for your iPhone 7.