IPhone 7: A drop in production in early 2017?

Techno 31 December, 2016

Apple would have sold fewer iPhone 7 than expected, and will see sales fall from month to month. The firm would have decided to reduce production from January 2017.
The iPhone 7 would sell worse than what Apple had originally planned. This is in any case what Nikkei thinks that reveals the information. The decline in the attractiveness of the iPhone 7 would thus be one of the factors that would have pushed the manufacturer to lower production of its flagship smartphone, but also the iPhone 6s by 10% from early 2017, according to some confessions of Several subcontractors from the brand to the apple. The latter had, in fact, large inventories of iPhone 6s at the end of 2015 and the iPhone 7, which just received the AirPods , would have found fewer takers than expected, pushing for a reduction production rate. Not to worry nevertheless for Apple, a drop in production at this period is not surprising.

The iPhone 7 is not going to deviate from the rule. For many years, the demand for headphone smartphones began to decline from January, due to rumors about the next generation, before skyrocketing at the end of the year. Apple had tried to counter the phenomenon last year by presenting an iPhone SE in March, and this had not prevented the iPhone 6s from establishing a new sales record. Also, if the iPhone application is down 7 – including the US – Nixxei recalls that it remains strong enough in Asian countries, including Japan. Finally, Apple has more than one trick up his sleeve to counter the decline in demand of iPhone 7 as such, the presentation of an iPhone 7 “white jet” as suggested by this designer . Nothing to worry about. Do you plan to buy an iPhone 7 in 2017?