IPhone 7, AirPods, OnePlus One … All these devices were recharged at the same time with the Otonohm Dock

Techno 7 February, 2017

Otonohm, the specialist of nomadic energy, decided to facilitate our hyper-connected daily. Thanks to the Dock, a mobile multi-outlet charging station, we were able to charge an iPhone 7, AirPods and OnePlus One, at the same time!
Who has never been cut off from the rest of the world or stuck in the middle of nowhere? In those moments, what is really cruel is not being able to recharge its battery before returning home. And since smartphones are more energy efficient, we fear with some fear the lack of battery and considering buying a external battery . But our hyper-connected daily is not that simple. Due to the large number of devices used each day, the problem is not solved with a single external battery. Fortunately, thanks to Otonohm Dock, you can charge multiple devices simultaneously . We tested this charging station with an iPhone 7, AirPods and OnePlus One, here are our impressions.
Convenient, this new essential is equipped with 8 USB plugs and 1 cigarette lighter socket (12V). Well, it is a bit big but, it is far from heavy. Practical, it slips into the bag and carries everywhere! The Otonohm Dock is mostly very efficient. We can connect with our OKLM different smartphones and our AirPods and any other device with a USB port. Even better, the Dock is compatible with the voltage converter 12V / 230V range Otonohm . In other words, we can also recharge our laptop with this must-have. Standalone, it works with the batteries of the range sold (unfortunately) separately and rechargeable with the supplied charger. If you want this shopper charging station that has something to change your daily, it will cost a hundred euros, here .