IPhone 7, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro: At what price could they be marketed?

Techno 25 January, 2017

The presentation of the iPhone 7 and its declinations approach! The first rumors about their price have just made their appearance.

The iPhone 7 should be presented next September, during Apple’s re-entry keynote. And the closer you get to this key date, the more rumors escalate about him. Just a few hours meltyStyle confided that the Wall Street Journal confirmed the absence of jack and a design similar to the iPhone 6s. These characteristics are therefore (almost) no longer in doubt. But if there is one aspect that had not been much discussed so far, it is the price of devices. Information on tariffs has just appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo. They concern the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus but also the iPhone 7 Pro, which would mean that the flagship to the apple would be declined in 3 versions, as had already been mentioned.

The first estimates have just been unveiled
As we have read in the Wall Street Journal, Apple has decided to zap the 16GB version to start with a 32 GB version. With this storage capacity, the iPhone 7 could be marketed to € 720, the same price the 6s iPhone 16GB . With 64 GB, it would cost 830 € and with 256 GB, it would cost 965 €. Let’s move on to the iPhone 7 Plus. In a 32 GB version, the device could be worth 830 €, the same price as the iPhone 6s Plus in 16 GB. With 128 GB, its price would be 940 € and with 256 GB it would be 1070 €. Finally, the iPhone 7 Pro would be marketed at 965 €, 1070 € and 1210 €, but the corresponding storage capacity is not indicated. For the moment, it is impossible to say whether this information is proven. Pending more information, (re) discover this iPhone copy 7 which has emerged in China . What do you think of these prices?