IPhone 7 Plus: A new ad boasts the ‘bokeh’ effect

Apple once again praises the merits of its “bokeh” effect with a new advertisement for the iPhone 7 Plus!
When the iPhone 7 Plus came out, one of Apple’s selling points was the presence of a dual photo sensor to take advantage of the famous “bokeh” effect . An effect to add a very artistic blur when you take your shot! The apple has not forgotten this gadget more than useful and should offer it with its iPhone 8, whose wireless charger would be sold separately , and this in an even more sophisticated way. But even if everyone waits for the next model, the iPhone 7 Plus is not forgotten and two new pubs come to highlight its effect “bokeh” for the delight of those who would still hesitate to buy the smartphone.
In less than 15 seconds for both videos , Apple shows how the “bokeh” effect works and the possible end result. Because yes, the photos displayed in the ad are retouched and give only an idea of ​​what can give a cliché on the iPhone 7 Plus. But no panic: the Net surfers shared the most beautiful bokeh effects of the iPhone 7 Plus . We do not make a better sales argument than appealing to satisfied users! If these two videos were convincing enough, the iPhone 7 Plus can be purchased here . Proposed at a price of 909 euros minimum and 1129 euros maximum, one will still have to get hold of the portfolio. What do you think of these ads?

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