IPhone 7 Plus: To recharge it, take your half-day

Techno 20 December, 2016

The iPhone 7 Plus takes a long time to recharge! For it to be 100%, it must be left connected for almost 3 hours.
The last weekend, meltyStyle drew a balance sheet of its first week spent with the iPhone 7 Plus . We highlighted several aspects of the 5.5-inch smartphone, including its design, its photo quality, as well as its autonomy. Regarding this last point, you were told that the iPhone 7 Plus could hold 2 full days without needing to be connected. A performance that could not have been achieved with its predecessors. But if the device of Apple has a satisfactory autonomy, it is lagging in another field … The recharge time! Yes, if you do not like to recharge it at night, you almost need to take your half day to take care of it.

It takes almost 3 hours to fully charge the iPhone 7 Plus
The 2900 mAh battery of the iPhone 7 Plus allows to hold long enough but the flat is that it recharges very slowly. By plugging it when it is less than 5%, must wait nearly 3 hours on end to see the small symbol at the top of the screen to fill completely . This is much more than its main competitors, including the Galaxy S7 Edge that recharges in just under 2 hours. Not really practical when you go home for an hour before leaving for an evening, and you do not want to do the yoyo with his battery. But hey, we forgive him this weakness, since it has many other qualities . Can loading time be a problem for you?