IPhone 7 Plus vs. Huawei Mate 9: We compared the portrait mode of both smartphones!

Techno 31 January, 2017

The iPhone 7 Plus and the Huawei Mate 9 both offer a portrait mode. We have taken the initiative to compare them in this area.
Last week meltyStyle compared the picture quality of the iPhone 7 More than the Honor 6X , the new smartphone Honor equipped with a dual camera sensor. If the smartphone of Apple was more efficient on certain aspects, among which the restitution of the colors or the sharpness, it was made to catch up by the Chinese device on other points, like the management of the luminosity. But the direct competitor of the iPhone 7 Plus is not the Honor 6X, but rather the Huawei Mate 9 officialized last November. This is why we had the idea to compare the portrait mode of the two phablettes, also called bokeh effect. We will let you discover the result of our test before proceeding to its analysis.
As you can see, the rendering is different depending on the smartphone used for portrait mode. With the iPhone 7 Plus, the background is very slightly gummed, which brings a fairly natural effect. The subject is enhanced with subtlety, but one can easily distinguish what is behind him . With the Huawei Mate 9, winner of the CES , the blur is significantly higher. Everything is done so that the person captured is the only one to be put forward, and it works. The only problem is that we have the impression that the elements of the decor have been camouflaged, rather than gummed. You understood, the bokeh effect is different between smartphones from Apple and Huawei . But it is clear that they both have their qualities. And you prefer what?