IPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red: 128 and 256 GB versions get a nice promotion!

Techno 12 April, 2017

The iPhone 7 went to Red and at meltyStyle, we kiffe. If you want to shopper the latest Apple smartphone, here is a buying guide to have its version 128 or 256 GB at low price.
While everyone is trying to guess what will look like the highly anticipated iPhone, the birthday smartphone, Apple has launched a declination RED of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Some of the benefits of these new smartphones will come back to Bono’s association in the fight against AIDS. At meltyStyle, we had the opportunity to unpack and take in hand this iPhone 7 that tutoie perfection, from an aesthetic point of view . If you happen to want to have fun with a new smartphone, it is the time or never to opt for the new color of the iPhone. Here is a buying guide to have it at the best price!
At the time of writing, the best offer for the iPhone 7 (PRODUCT) Red is at Pixmania. The e-commerce site offers the smartphone at 779 euros while it is officially marketed at 879 euros. As for the 256 GB version, you can find it by HERE , at the price of 841 euros when it is sold officially sold at 1019 euros, on the Apple store. It would be really stupid to miss out on these tantalizing offers, considering the beauty and power of this new headed smartphone . So, ready to draw your CB?