IPhone 7: That’s why its camera is better than the Samsung Galaxy S8

Techno 30 March, 2017

Samsung made a sensation, presenting its Galaxy S8 and S8 +. But the new Korean smartphone does not have the camera that would be able to dethrone that of the iPhone 7.
Samsung officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is equipped, for the first time in the range, with a Super AMOLED screen almost without borders. But if the new Korean smartphone has enough to shade the iPhone 7 with certain features, its camera is not necessarily an asset . This is probably the thing that has evolved least compared to the Galaxy S7. If the manufacturer explained to have improved the algorithm of treatment of the photos, it “regrets” that the Galaxy S8 is equipped with the same sensor and the same optics that benefited the S7 which is, nevertheless, one of the best photophones of the market.
With the camera of the Galaxy S8, Samsung probably will not do better than the iPhone 7 and especially the iPhone 7 Plus whose dual-sensor photo and optical-digital zoom continues to make happy . It is clear that the future owners of the Galaxy S8 will not be disappointed with this camera. But given the quality and power of this Device , we would have hoped for a small revolution on the photo side. In any case and apart from its camera, the new smartphone of Samsung has enough to make you zap the terminal headed, waiting for the presentation of the iPhone of 2017