IPhone 7: The main revolution would reside in its screen

Techno 1 February, 2017

Apple would be preparing a real revolution for the screen of its iPhone 7. The Retina screens of the apple would leave their place to Retina Color technology on the smartphone.

Who said that the iPhone 7 would not have big news? If we are to believe the latest rumors, the next Apple smartphone would present some new features compared to the iPhone 6s as a dual camera sensor for the Plus version . But still, a big revolution in the display technology is preparing for the iPhone range 7. In any case believe that our fellow Apple Insider . According to them, the apple brand would work hard on the next generation Retina screen, introduced for the first time with the iPhone 4 in 2010, the Retina Color screens of the iPhone 7 would be able to To reproduce much more finely the colors, while adapting to the ambient brightness thanks to True Tone, presented with the small version of the iPad Pro.

The iPhone 7 would be the first headed smartphone to be equipped with Retina Color technology. The subject is quite technical but the screens of current smartphones are unable to reproduce some variations of the green color and the red color. With Wide Color, a thing made possible thanks to the HDR, the screen of the iPhone 7 would be able to a greater finesse in the reproduction of the colors. Coupled with technology True Tone, presented by Apple for its iPad Pro screen 9.7 inches, the iPhone 7, that scares Android manufacturers , is also capable of reproducing the images on the screen depending on the Brightness. True Tone and Wide Color, both components Color Retina screens of the iPhone 7, require software changes but also materials that only Apple is capable of, unlike most Android manufacturers. The iPhone 7 should therefore become the benchmark in smartphone screen. Are you interested in such a screen technology?