IPhone 7: The smartphone propels Apple in the fourth quarter

Techno 17 February, 2017

The iPhone 7 will have been beneficial for the firm Apple since the smartphone literally propelled it before Samsung in the fourth quarter!
The iPhone 7 will have done good to Apple. And yet, everything was not won since many Internet users had pointed finger a lack of innovations, a design substantially identical to its predecessor and abandoning the jack. Despite everything, the smartphone sold very well allowing to propel the figures of Apple up. It’s simple: the American had not surpassed South Korean Samsung for two years on the podium of the largest sellers of phones. The iPhone 7, whose new ad has praised the “bokeh” effect , has indeed achieved its goal of preparing the public for the iPhone 8 and arousing new interest in the brand.
According to the specialized institute Gartner, three brands share the podium: Apple , Samsung and Huawei. The American brand, despite its return to an increasingly competitive market, will have to pay close attention to Chinese, which is only nibbling on the ground. Let’s hope that the iPhone 8, which will carry a 5.8-inch screen into a 4.7-inch smartphone , follow the same path as its predecessor while bringing major improvements. In the fourth quarter, Apple will have sold 77 million iPhone 7 devices to place itself at the top of sales. The chances that this success is linked to the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are rather strong and the firm will not only have to consider that to continue its way. What do you think of these figures?