IPhone 7: Wireless charging with this magic shell

Techno 1 June, 2017

This case will give super powers to your iPhone 7. Thanks to it, you will be able to make a cuckoo to the wireless charging on the smartphone of the apple.
The iPhone 7 made a cross on the wireless charging. The engineers of the Californian firm refuse for several years to integrate this technology in the smartphone. At the last news, the next mobile headed could nevertheless be equipped. If you do not want to wait, meltyStyle may have come up with a solution. We have indeed unearthed a shell on Amazon that will give super powers to your phone. For 30 € (plus 3 € postage), the wireless charging will land at a lower cost on your iPhone 7. This will be compatible with the Qi standard, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or some versions of the LG G6, which was tested for a week . Fine, design and innovative, this iPhone 7 case multiplies the good points .
The Nisskin Magic case brings the wireless charging to the iPhone 7 for 30 €. The operation is very simple. Simply equip the smartphone with the protection, and plug the connector into the Lightning port. Placed on a Qi wireless charger, your headset phone will be able to recharge. Magic ? If you are convinced, this one is available on Amazon , and a version for the iPhone 7 Plus, still as powerful , also exists. And since good news never comes alone, the hull also has a second advantage. It hides magnets inside to allow it to attach to any metal surface. Yes, you can proudly display your iPhone 7 on your fridge! You valid?