IPhone 7: You will probably lose your phone before the release of 8

Techno 21 December, 2016

According to a recent study, the chances that you break your phone before the release of a new model is more than problem: the iPhone 7 will not be spared!
This is a somewhat special study that just appeared about the iPhone and its users. Led by the American Marketing Association, it seems more the release of a new model approach, less smartphone owners are cautious with it . Unconscious behavior in most and all of us has already happened once the phone well rooted in our habits! This jeopardizes has a name called “the effect upgrade” : “tend to neglect intended to promote the purchase of upgraded items helping consumers justify buying this model” . The iPhone 7, including a Ferrari version is expected in 2017 , should not escape.

You will lose your iPhone to buy the following
To do so, the researchers based on the iPhone 5. It turns out that most users who lost their phone did not even bother to find him and turned to the iPhone 5S. Behavior that is explained by the fact that once the iPhone “spent” , its owner is less likely to give value and prefer a new product. The iPhone 7 should soon be shipped in the closet with the release of the iPhone 8, several prototypes have been raised by Apple . Especially when we know that unlike its predecessor, the smartphone should embark a bunch of new technologies. With “the effect upgrade” , Apple has a bright future … What do you think of this study?