IPhone 8: 1000 dollars for the basic version?

Techno 15 May, 2017

The iPhone 8 could be worth at least $ 1,000, according to one analyst. Prepare your CB if you plan to shopper it!
Last week, meltyStyle confided to you that the iPhone 8 could integrate a dual photo sensor before . With this device, it would be able to easily recognize the face of the user, and to propose a depth effect on the selfies. Admit it would be stylish! But this innovation is not the only one it could benefit … According to the rumors, the iPhone 8 would also be equipped with an OLED panel, a Touch ID sensor under the screen, and a capacity Optimized storage. Rather cool … Except that these changes would be synonymous with a significant price increase compared to the models that preceded it. This is in any case predicted by an analyst of the American bank Goldman Sachs .
If we believe Simona Jankowski, the iPhone 8 would come in two versions. The first would offer a storage capacity of 128 GB for a fee of 1000 dollars, and the second a storage capacity of 256 GB for a fee of 1100 dollars . It hurts, is not it! According to the analyst, this increase in sales price could be explained firstly by the innovations that the iPhone 8 would offer, starting with its screen OLED much more expensive to produce than Full HD. But it would also be part of a steady growth in the price of the iPhone, which appears very clearly in the above document. While awaiting confirmation, (re) discovers this concept that is close to reality .