IPhone 8: A 6-inch version planned by Apple?

Techno 4 August, 2017

The iPhone 8 in 6-inch version? This is in any case what a rumor repeated everywhere affirms. A big screen for a smartphone that looks rather rich in surprises in size!

The iPhone 8 still leaves the mystery behind its design and features. One of the elements at the center of all expectations remains its screen, which many hope to borderless . Another rumor evoked speaks of a size of 6 inches. The latter, coming from EtNews English and relayed by PhoneArena , talks about an OLED technology and a screen produced by Samsung. The US manufacturer should buy from its competitor, one of the experts on the OLED screens. Of course, this rumor is to be taken with tweezers but proves however rather attractive for the iPhone 8, whose design is almost known.

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A 6 inch screen for the iPhone 8?
This same source also claims that Samsung would make a 5.8-inch screen … Are two models considered by Apple and why such a small size gap? Of course, to get the answers to all our questions, we will have to wait until the presentation of the iPhone 8 which should take place next September. One thing is for sure: all expectations are allowed with Apple. The firm has recorded very good scores for its iPhone 7 and Tim Cook seems more than confident about the next model. Model that will be in addition the occasion for the manufacturer to celebrate the ten years of the iPhone!