iPhone 8: A Chinese Brand comment on rumors around the phone

Techno 14 December, 2016

Very rare in the world of telephony: Another manufacturer commented on the rumors about the next Apple smartphone, the iPhone 8!
The iPhone 8 arouses the curiosity of everyone, even other smartphone manufacturers. It must be said that every year is an event for fans who discover a new model. Apple has become over the years a model for many. And rare in this highly competitive world, a Chinese manufacturer has discussed the rumors around the phone to promote his (obviously). It is on Weibo, a kind of Chinese Twitter, the president of a subsidiary of Lenovo, Cháng Cheng, spoke. The man compared his Zuk Pro Z2 future iPhone 8 (several prototypes were mentioned) Apple . For him, the smartphone has something in common with the rumors surrounding it.

Concept iPhone 8
Cháng Cheng spoke of the rumors around the rounded rear facade and glass . The Zuk Z2 Pro has this feature and after the president, except for the iPhone 8, few phones resume such a concept. Would the Chinese manufacturers of precursors? Without a doubt. Especially when we see the success of OnePlus or from Huawei that displays impressive sales in Europe . Comparing the Zuk Z2 Pro and iPhone 8, the Chinese manufacturer has offered a lovely pub on the back of Apple . In a highly competitive market, we must not hesitate to outsmart to sell more than its neighbor. Time will tell if the next born Apple will indeed have a rounded front and rear glass! What do you think of this comparison?