IPhone 8: A concept imagined from the unveiled prototypes

Techno 7 July, 2017

There are concepts on the web. Most of the time, they show us phones totally fantasized! The latest has decided to remain realistic and based on the prototypes unveiled.

We love them, our photos and other videos of concepts! It must be said that they make us mostly dream even if the result is often far from reality. Today, a designer decided to play it totally realistic with a whole new concept of the iPhone 8, which will have OLED screens made in LG. The latter is based entirely on the prototypes of the device that have been unveiled on the canvas. As much to say that the final product has chances of resembling what was proposed by this unpublished concept. It contains everything that has been evoked in recent months about the iPhone 8.

There is obviously a large curved slab, rumor often evoked about the smartphone. The screen covers a large part of this phone that looks more and more on the side of Android, including the Samsung Galaxy S8 (if the concept proves true). We find again the dual photo sensor, this time in a different placement, and the screen reveals iOS 11 (which showed its augmented reality in a really awesome video). The impression sensor is in the back, a great first for the firm Apple. In short, if you wanted a realistic concept of the smartphone, this picture should fill you!