IPhone 8: A design similar to that of the first iPhone?

Techno 23 March, 2017

Make new with old? This is the strategy that Apple could adopt with the upcoming release of its (much anticipated) iPhone 8!
IPhone 8, iPhone Edition, iPhone Birthday … The names are linked to designate the next phone of the apple that should reserve us many surprises. The latest rumor? And if the flagship took again the design of the very first iPhone released to celebrate its 10 candles blown this year … It is the Korean site ETNews which is behind this rumor and is explained by evoking a return of the silvered back chrome brilliant or Of the lower plastic part of the first iPhone. Of course, as long as nothing has been confirmed by the firm for the iPhone 8 (which might not have curved screen) , it is impossible to say with certainty that the latter will make new with the old.
The takeover of such a design would be the occasion for Apple to celebrate with decency the 10 years of a smartphone that revolutionized the medium of telephony . Many specialists think that this next iPhone would be a tribute version and will not necessarily carry the number 8 … Rumors that only make more impatient the brand ‘s aficionados who can expect to enjoy a ” An iPhone 7 and 7 More red that has already seduced the twittosphere ! So what next iPhone, recycling or not? Impossible to imagine a manufacturer like Apple backing back and not yet offering a bunch of new features and big features. What do you think of this rumor?