IPhone 8: A model of the smartphone is revealed in video

Techno 7 July, 2017

Apple fans are definitely impossible to stop! The latest find of a site devoted to the firm is none other than a model of the iPhone 8. What to discover in advance the smartphone.

With the Internet, it is impossible for Apple to protect its manufacturing secrets for very long. When a new product is developed, heaps of sites disclose information not wanted by the manufacturer (but that makes them a good advertisement!). The latest one comes from the site EverythingApplePro and concerns the design of the iPhone 8 (which should be equipped with OLED tiles designed by LG). We discover the model of the future smartphone, suggesting a rather nice and well thought out aesthetics. Nothing surprising about a firm that has dominated the market for several years!

Almost two million views on YouTube for this video that reveals enormously! Of course, the iPhone 8 is not functional and this tester is not illegal: it is a prototype. We discover what many suspected: a rather impressive screen, a dual photo sensor redesigned, and so on. Of course, if you want to discover for yourself the iPhone 8 (which could have a 3D scanner in place of the Touch ID) in September, you are advised not to launch this video. If you wish to take a lead, this video of the next born of the firm Apple is made for you!