IPhone 8: A selfie to unlock your smartphone?

Will it be possible to unlock the iPhone 8 thanks to a simple selfie? This is in any case what a persistent rumor has been thinking for several months.
If we believe the rumors, the iPhone 8 should be (very) innovative. In addition to its borderless design, and its TouchBar , we lend the craziest novelties to the California smartphone. Nevertheless, one of them regularly returns to the news. The iPhone 8 would be equipped with a second scanner, in addition to TouchID , in order to be unlocked. Rod Hall, an analyst with JPMorgan, believes that Apple is developing a 3D face recognition technology. In other words, just take a selfie to access your smartphone . Additional security, already adopted by Microsoft or Samsung. The “duck face” , new way to unlock your iPhone 8?
Face 3D technologies have multiplied in recent years … and for very different uses. Microsoft uses it in Windows 10 to validate that you are the owner of the Surface. Samsung goes even further, with its Note 7, scanning the user’s retina. This is indeed a much more reliable security layer than the fingerprint. This technology can nevertheless be used for more playful purposes. Snapchat makes use of it to offer its many filters, which have contributed to the success of the application. It’s been rumored for some time that Apple would like to offer the same thing in iOS 11. The rumor is gaining weight, and we should know more from the WWDC in early June .

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