IPhone 8: A technical drawing places its TouchID sensor at the back

Techno 20 April, 2017

The TouchID sensor of the iPhone 8 could be placed at the back. A rumor that is still gaining credibility with the technical drawing that has just leaked.
Earlier in the week, meltyStyle confided to you that iPhone 8 schemas had leaked . They evoked the screen dimensions of Apple’s future smartphone, its rounded edges, its virtual buttons and even its 3D camera at the front. It was really interesting! But today it is the turn of another element to make talk about it … This is the fingerprint reader, which could be moved due to constraints related to the design. On the technical drawing that Sonny Dickson has just unveiled, the TouchID sensor is indeed placed on the back shell. Before you say more, we let you discover it for yourself.
When the Galaxy S8 was presented, many users regretted that Samsung had placed the fingerprint reader in the back … But if we believe the technical drawing that leaked, Apple would not be either Managed to integrate it directly on the screen – only possibility of having it before given the fineness of the borders. The TouchID sensor would, however, be placed in a more strategic location than its competitor, namely in the middle of the shell and not next to the camera . As for the dimensions evoked by the document, they suggest that a Plus version of the smartphone is indeed topical. While waiting to learn more, (re) discovers the model of the iPhone 8 .