IPhone 8: Apple confirms its design by mistake

Techno 31 July, 2017

Did the Apple engineers make a blunder? They just mistakenly reveal the design of the next iPhone 8. And reassure you, it will be well borderless.

The iPhone 8 will be well borderless, and it is now a certainty. This is not an nth rumor, but information that comes directly from Apple. Last week, the apple indeed in error published the HomePod OS. This allowed Steve Troughton-Smith – a well known hacker – to search inside for several days. He found, for example, that the device was running on a version derived from iOS or masquerading as an iPhone SE to access iTunes. Above all, he was able to extract the first illustration of the iPhone 8 from the source code of HomePod. Borderless design, no button on the front and a row of sensors at the top of the device … We discover a smartphone similar to what the rumors have predicted us for months.

The design of the iPhone 8 is not only information that Steve T-S was able to extract. It also confirms the possibility of unlocking the smartphone thanks to facial recognition. The hacker found several references to “FaceDetect” which leaves little doubt as to its usefulness. An infrared component, necessary for this technology to work in the dim light, would also be part. TouchID is still present, proof that the fingerprint sensor should not disappear with the iPhone 8. One last question remains: Has Apple really confirmed this design by mistake? Or Tim Cook wants to raise the sauce before the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8 in a few days?