IPhone 8: Banned from selling in the US because of Qualcomm?

Techno 5 May, 2017

New beating between Apple and Qualcomm that risks blocking sales of iPhone 8 in the US. Looks like the Americans will have to wait for their iPhone 8 longer than expected …
It seems that Qualcomm wants to be more royalist than the king … And even that he has a tooth against Apple, which does not date from yesterday. The two firms have been in open war for some time. The Apple criticizes the manufacturer for the cost of its royalties and has decided to cut off his food. But Qualcomm does not intend to let itself go and has therefore threatened to block sales of its iPhone 8 on US territory. The guigne for Apple … Already that the release of its iPhone 8 is likely to be postponed for a month or two .
But is it credible for a second? A ban on sales in the US would be a fiasco for Apple which realizes 40% of its turnover. The case went far, and a complaint was even filed with the Federal Trade Commission. If Qualcomm tries to stay upright in his pumps, Apple releases the violins denouncing the means ” unfair ” implemented by the firm to claim his dues. Will after this case, Apple will have to do without Qualcomm services as it could do with LG Display ? We’ll see. What do you think of this quarrel between Apple and Qualcomm?