IPhone 8: Design borderless, TouchID … Everything is confirmed in this picture!

Techno 14 June, 2017

The most crazy rumors circulated about the iPhone 8. Its new borderless design and TouchID in the screen have nevertheless been confirmed by this photo.
How precious this photo of the iPhone 8! Appearing on Reddit this week, it confirms almost all the current rumors of borderless design in the new place of TouchID by way of the orientation of the dual photo sensor. Originally posted by kamikasky , the snapshot would come from a reliable source in “industry . ” It was able to take several pictures from the back and front of the camera, and even compare the spare parts of the iPhone 8 to previous generations. This new leak is also proof that Apple is slowly starting production of its next smartphone. It is expected to increase in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, this cliché makes us already dream, like this crazy concept of iPhone Pro .
Wow! The screen of the iPhone 8 should occupy almost the entire front panel. As for the Essential Phone, which makes the Galaxy S8 fine , only a slight black band is present to accommodate the photo sensor and proximity. No other elements appear on the front panel, indicating that Apple should include the TouchID home button inside the screen. A real feat! The changes are less impressive at the rear of the aircraft. The headed logo and the dual photo sensor presented in 2016. The latter has just changed direction to be more vertical, a persistent rumor. Apple would also have chosen to place the TrueTone flash in the middle of both cameras. A little surprising, so we wait to see! Like always, This shot is to be taken with the tight tweezers. How do you find it?