IPhone 8: Error-confirmed wireless recharge system

Techno 26 April, 2017

The CEO of Powermat has done a nice dump! He confirmed that the iPhone 8 would benefit from a wireless charging system, without Apple having ever mentioned it.
Since the Galaxy S8 has been formalized, all eyes are turned to the iPhone 8 … The fans of the brand dream of an innovative smartphone, to celebrate the 10 years of the range. A dream that Apple could turn into reality, if we believe the various rumors formulated about it. In addition to its borderless design, its OLED screen and its TouchID sensor integrated on the screen , the iPhone 8 or iPhone Edition would benefit from a wireless charging system … Simple rumor at the start, this feature has gained credibility with The awkward declaration of the CEO of Powermat, a company precisely specialized in the installation of such systems .
“With Apple’s recent announcement that wireless charging will become a standard feature in the next iPhone, we have finally reached the general adoption threshold, ” said Elad Dubzinki … The problem? Apple has never mentioned the integration of such a system in its iPhone 8, or even in another device. This is called a nice ball! Quickly, a Powermat representative corrected the CEO’s remarks, claiming that it was only speculation and not knowing anything about the future apple smartphone. It is still hard to believe it! But if the iPhone 8 is actually equipped with a wireless charging system, It does not encounter the same concern as the Galaxy S8 . The wireless charging on the iPhone 8, would it make you kiffer?