IPhone 8: How can the flagship beat the Galaxy S8?

Techno 3 April, 2017

To compete with the Galaxy S8, the Apple iPhone 8 will have to offer enough interesting news. What can we expect from flagship?
The iPhone 8 will have the heavy task of competing with the Samsung Galaxy S8, flagship star. And while analysts are talking about a “revolutionary camera” for the next Apple phone , by what means can the latter beat the South Korean ? To start, the iPhone 8 will have to bet on its battery. As we know, autonomy has always been a problem in the manufacturer and users may not accept an umpteenth model suffering from this defect. It is hoped that the company will offer better thought, optimized and performing batteries. The second novelty expected would be an OLED screen and why not covering a large part of the smartphone? This choice, however, is debated among apple aficionados who point their finger at its many disadvantages (not to mention that this option does not really resemble the manufacturer).
Facial recognition could also be expected but with a sensor to capture much more the depth of the face . Not to mention a camera to use the augmented reality, technology that has conquered the users thanks to Pokemon Go. If the facial recognition is adopted, hope that a simple photo is not enough to deceive it like the Samsung Galaxy S8 ! Finally, Apple could implant the Touch ID technology within the touch screen and abandon the Home button. An option that looks on the side of a screen covering a good part of the flagship . To know if these choices will be adopted, it will be necessary to wait for the officialization of the iPhone 8 by the firm.