IPhone 8: Its price will not make you happy

Techno 7 July, 2017

The iPhone 8 is going to be expensive, very expensive. At the latest news, it will cost much more than 1 000 € to afford the next jewel of Apple. There is a risk that they will be unhappy.

The re-entry will be loaded for the Apple teams. The brand to the apple should hold a keynote marathon in the course of September, where no less than three new smartphones should be presented. Tim Cook should start with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, simple evolutions of the current range. The iPhone 8 should nevertheless be the highlight of this conference. It is expected with a number of innovative technologies, such as a borderless design, or wireless charging, thanks to its glass back. This small revolution has a cost, and it is no surprise to know that this model should be marketed at a gold price. Thus, Business Insider reveals that the iPhone 8 could be sold starting at $ 1,000, or € 1,165. Whoa!

The price of the iPhone 8 may threaten many Apple Addicts! Some operators would even prepare big promotions on the smartphone to calm the most edgy consumers, according to analyst Jeffrey Kvaal. But Apple could succeed in lowering the price of its phone through the sale of accessories, according to Ming Chi-Kuo’s latest predictions. This one thinks that the wireless recharge “will be treated as an option”. It will be necessary to buy a separate charger, which could be sold more than 115 €. Still lots of unknowns, but you must start saving now if you want to offer the iPhone 8, a mock-up is revealed in video!