IPhone 8: Its video quality in 4K at 60 IPS at the front and rear will send heavy!

Techno 4 August, 2017

OMG, the video quality of the iPhone 8 looks ok! She should record 4K and 60 frames per second for her front camera … and back! Never seen.

The iPhone 8 will soon show the tip of his nose! It has not even been presented yet that the firm has accidentally confirmed its borderless design on social networks . But Apple’s birthday smartphone has not yet revealed all its secrets! And yet, we have just broken one: it is possible that the Apple flagship enjoys a video quality never equaled before! The info comes from the HomePod frimware: the lines of code of the intelligent wizard of Apple suggest that the terminal will film in 4K / 60 IPS … whether for his camera front or back! As a reminder, the iPhone 7 also offers the possibility of filming in 4K, but it is fixed only at 30 frames per second.

The iHelpBr site , well informed when it comes to technologies around the Apple, tells us that the programming lines of the frimware evoke this image quality for the iPhone 8. The terms “back” and “front” Suggest that it is the front and rear cameras. If you still rely on the HomePod frimware, the front and rear sensors of the iPhone 8 should record video in a whole new format: HEVC . This format should optimize the size of the files so that they are less bulky, without losing their quality. Besides this exceptional image quality, we may be entitled to face recognition to unlock the screen of the iPhone 8 . Finally, let us await his presentation first.