IPhone 8: Ming Chi-Kuo predicts end of Home button

Techno 27 January, 2017

The new design of the iPhone 8 would cross the Home button. This is in any case the predictions of Ming Chi-Kuo. A change of size!
The iPhone 8 would give up an iconic element of its design. The round home button is indeed characteristic of Apple’s smartphones. Present since 2007, this one is constantly changing. It became a fingerprint sensor with the 5s, and was equipped with ForceTouch technology last year. With the iPhone 8, this one would purely and simply his reverence. Ming Chi-Kuo, a respected analyst at KGI Security, predicts that the next California smartphone will not be equipped. The new design of the device would force Apple to abandon it. We understand better why facial recognition should land on the iPhone 8 . The absence of home button will nevertheless force the company to make some changes.
The new design of the iPhone 8 would leave no more room for this famous button. The screen of the next smartphone should indeed equip a large part of the front face of the device. According to Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple would place TouchID on the back of the phone. What you remember lots of Android phones, like the Honor 8 which has just received Android Nougat . Current technologies allow Apple to dispense with a home button. With innovations like 3DTouch , engineers can add apple gestures imitating the behavior of the latter. Whatever happens, the surprises are likely to be many with the iPhone 8. Disappointed by this abandonment?