IPhone 8: No, the Touch ID sensor will not be on the back of the Apple smartphone!

Techno 26 May, 2017

The Touch ID sensor of the highly anticipated iPhone 8 sends a lot of ink. Everyone speculates on its position, on the back or integrated under the screen. But today we know everything.
Everything has been said or almost about the highly anticipated iPhone 8. The future headed smartphone should send heavy but, positioning its Touch ID sensor is source of several speculations. When it does not turn into a chameleon in a concept , the future smartphone Apple is surrounded by this question: Where will find its Touch ID sensor? On his back or else, integrated under the screen? A Chinese newspaper that would have reliable sources at TSMC, one of the subcontractors of the future iPhone, finally gives us the answer.
According to Economic Daily News , the Touch ID sensor will be integrated beneath the screen! If TSMC is still the subcontractor that is behind the famous A11 chip of the iPhone 8, the possibility of having a Touch ID sensor under the screen is hard to believe. For the time being, no builder has managed to do it but with the Apple, everything is possible. Moreover, its iPhone SE is more satisfactory than an iPhone 7 Plus . What is safe for meltyStyle is that Apple is very heavy with its anniversary iPhone. What are you waiting for?