IPhone 8: Production will start sooner than expected

Techno 9 February, 2017

Ouloulou, Apple would have advanced its schedule regarding the iPhone 8. The headed smartphone would make its entry into production earlier than its predecessors. Can we expect a Keynote for this summer?
The tradition is that Apple presents its new iPhone during the month of September. By 2017, this habit should not change. Yet some analysts say the Apple brand would have changed the schedule of the iPhone 8, whose concepts are multiplying . The manufacturer generally begins production of its new smartphone in July-August. This allows the company to build stocks upstream of high demand. But this year, the apple would upset his plans. Analysts BlueFin think in fact that it would advance the production date of the phone. The iPhone 8 would thus enter the factories of Foxconn as early as June. This change of strategy does not mean that the mobile will come out sooner.
Whatever happens, the iPhone 8 will be well announced during the month of September. We can not see Apple holding a keynote in the middle of summer. This new schedule is nevertheless witness to the difficulty that the manufacturer would have to produce its iPhone 8 Tease by Tim Cook in person . With its revolutionary design, borderless, and its new screen technology, it is likely that the smartphone poses some concerns to the brand. Another explanation may be that Apple wants to have substantial stocks of the phone since it was announced. The long waiting weeks – which usually follow his presentation – would be a bad memory. Good news for you?