IPhone 8: Screen protectors unveil a borderless design

Techno 23 June, 2017

The borderless screen for the iPhone 8 is confirmed more and more! In any case, these screen protectors go in this direction …
There is a rumor surrounding the iPhone 8 that excites quite a few fans. That of the presence of a borderless screen way LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S8 (which has recently offered its Chinese clone) . Once is not custom, a leak has come to confirm that Apple could well decide to ogle on the side of this design highly prized by the users. The leak comes from Benjamin Geskin, a surfer who begins to make himself known thanks to the many rumors in which he takes part. The man unveiled a picture of a set of what appears to be the screen protection of the iPhone 8 but also the mold of the future smartphone.
The screen-shifting photo shows a borderless screen and discrete borders , with the exception of the top border (where a photo sensor and speakers will be placed). It remains to be seen if the free spaces will be used to add several sensors and thus allow the user to use augmented reality with his iPhone 8 (a new visual was unveiled in a video) . The second picture shows the mold of Apple’s famous smartphone and comes to confirm an approximate size of 6 inches. Nothing surprising in this respect. Of course, we will have to wait for confirmation from the firm of this information … What do you think?