IPhone 8: Sold and delivered by Apple with AirPods? The WTF rumor of the week!

Techno 9 May, 2017

Everything (or almost) has been said about the iPhone 8. But a WTF rumor suggests that the Apple smartphone could be sold with the AirPods, the famous (really) wireless headphones.
The official presentation of the iPhone 8 is expected only in several months. But Apple’s smartphone is already sinking a lot of ink. At the time when these lines are written, it is not yet known whether the Touch ID sensor will be proposed on the screen of the new headed mobile or on its back . Anyway, a new rumor sells us even more dream. According to analysts of JP Morgan, the iPhone 8 could be sold with the AirPods, these famous wireless headphones that have been validated by several celebrities. Without further ado, discover all that surrounds this new bonus.
According to JP Morgan, the Apple could slip a pair of AirPods with their case in each box of iPhone 7. Which would be really cool, when we know that we must wait at least six weeks before receiving AirPods purchased from 179 euros on the site of the firm . But at meltyStyle, we still have a hard time believing this rumor. To hope that Apple is deprived of such an interesting source of income is a bit like dreaming of a return of Kanye West to Nike . Unless the Apple is building up a massive stock of AirPods without our knowledge, it is unlikely that this info is credible. But otherwise, do you know that we can soon make a coffee with … an iPhone 7 ?