IPhone 8: Tim Cook Tease The Smartphone

Techno 6 February, 2017

More than a few months to wait before we can discover the iPhone 8. To make us wait, Tim Cook evoked the new features of the smartphone.
The iPhone 8 will not be an iPhone like any other. If we believe the rumors, the smartphone should multiply innovations. We speak in particular of an innovative design, very different from what we know today . Tim Cook seems to agree. The CEO of Apple took advantage of the announcement of the quarterly results of the company to tease itself the next iDevice of California. “Exciting new developments are underway” , he said. Without clearly mentioning these, Tim Cook mentioned the many software features behind the scenes. “The smartphone is here to last. There is still much to do, ” according to the businessman. This reserves us that good for the next iPhone 8.
During the mini-press conference, Tim Cook insisted on the important role Siri played. The vocal assistant of the apple is often criticized for its lack of innovation. Many people prefer to Alexa, the next Google or the Bixby will land in the Samsung Galaxy S8 . Siri could nevertheless have the right to a major upgrade. Tim Cook explained how the latter had a central role in home automation. From there to say that Siri should be one of the great novelties of the iPhone 8, there is only one step. Carplay , Health or functions dedicated to the business should also be at the heart of next headed smartphone. It is also hoped that Apple will lag behind the competition in terms of autonomy or wireless charging. Topics not mentioned by the ECO. What do you expect for the iPhone 8?