IPhone 8: USB-C and long distance recharge at Apple

Techno 27 April, 2017

Will the main innovation of the iPhone 8 be its charging mode? Geskin predicted the arrival of the USB-C and a long distance mode for the headed smartphone.
The iPhone 8 should be well equipped with the wireless charging, except last minute surprise. The info has been confirmed, by mistake, by a heavyweight industry . Functionality demanded for a long time by the fans of the brand, it remains still rather blurred in its application. Until then, it was thought that it would be possible to recharge the iPhone 8 by induction, placing it on a dock, like the Apple Watch. The rumors of the last few days nevertheless bring a small nuance. Benjamin Geskin shared yesterday a likely pattern of the iPhone 8. According to this one, the smartphone will be able to recharge up to 5 meters from its base . Several patents have been filed by various manufacturers in this direction in recent months. A long distance mode that would be welcome!
The long distance wireless charging would not be the only innovation on the power side of the iPhone 8. The USB-C should also make its appearance within the device, according to Benjamin Geskin. Do not worry, all the connections of the smartphone is not going to change! Thus, Apple would provide a USB-C cable to Lightning with its iPhone 8, instead of a USB-A / Lightning. This change is quite logical since it would make the phone compatible with the MacBook Pro Retina, available at a low price on the refurb . If you want to continue using the current connectors, you will have to go to the checkout, and buy an additional accessory. The good Lightning cables are nevertheless fairly affordable, and you can find them at all prices on Amazon. What do you think ?