IPhone 8: What big changes are expected for the smartphone?

Techno 28 February, 2017

Many changes are expected for the Apple iPhone 8, but what are the users absolutely want to see?
The iPhone 8 is probably one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8, a video teaser and a presentation date have been unveiled ! For the occasion, the famous economic magazine Forbes decided to make a ranking of the 5 most anticipated changes by iPhone users and the least that can be said is that it is at all good. The first novelty that many would like to see is the wireless charging: a decision that would go in the direction of abandoning the connections wanted by Apple (and started with AirPods). The second change is none other than a Siri vocal assistant much more present. The latter already makes it possible to accomplish many tasks,
The third feature that could be present on the iPhone 8 is a facial recognition to allow to unlock its smartphone . A rather futuristic way of using the latter even if the usurpations of identities could be a reality with this system! The fourth change is obviously a big screen without ogling the side of the phablettes. A screen covering, if possible, much of Apple ‘s next-born . The latest innovation and not least, correcting the worries of many users: a battery finally performing. Because everybody knows the average time that a smartphone connected to the Internet can last with an optimal use (that is to say very short).