IPhone 8: Wireless charging confirmed by the beta of iOS 11

Techno 29 June, 2017

The latest beta of iOS 11 is already ready for wireless charging. This technology should be one of the main innovations of the iPhone 8.
The iPhone 8 should realize a dream that the Apple Addicts have been feeding for several years: the arrival of the wireless charging. This technology would indeed be at the heart of the next flagship brand. Earlier this year, Reuters revealed that no fewer than five groups of California engineers were hovering over it. It’s a long-drawn-out project, based on a common understanding between Apple and Broadcom, that would finally see the light of day within the iPhone 8. The latest beta of iOS 11, which already confirms night mode and Will equip the smartphone, is already ready to receive wireless charging, an additional sign that novelty will no longer delay. The battery should therefore be the subject of many improvements with the iPhone 8.
A Reddit user searched the resources of iOS 11, and found something interesting. He noticed a novel notification sound called “engage_power” , not currently used in the system. This could be the noise that will be emitted by the iPhone 8 when connected to a wireless power source. The arrival of this novelty is therefore almost without doubt. But there are still many questions: How will Apple implement this technology? Will this be different from the competition? Will all iPhone 8 models be equipped ? Answer (s) to the next episode. Excited?