IPhone 8: Wireless recharging would almost be a reality

Techno 3 February, 2017

This is one of the most persistent rumors around the iPhone 8: the wireless charging would almost be a reality for the smartphone
The rumors surrounding the iPhone 8 are very numerous and one of it concerns the wireless charging of the smartphone. A desire more and more present among many aficionados of the apple and which could soon become reality. Energous and Dialog Semiconductor, two manufacturers of high-tech environment, have developed a chip that allows quick charging DA4100 called RF-Transmit (IC) . Of course, this technology is currently at the prototype stage and nothing says it can be developed quickly enough to the release of the iPhone 8, which may also have facial recognition . But the first tests seem encouraging.
The manufacturers also indicate that the chip would be a very small size. A size enough to be integrated with the iPhone 8 that seeks to gain more and more room? Anyway, the question is the added value of a wireless charging even if this choice corresponds to that of the firm to spend 100% connected to equipment . Apple will produce perhaps mass this chip for the iPhone 8, which will also be improvements to Touch ID and 3D Touch , but it will be made official at the next keynote to confirm this rumor. Because as every year, the days are linked like leaks (proven or not). What do you think ?