IPhone: From flagship to incredible graphics?

Techno 4 April, 2017

Will Apple produce its own graphics chip to deliver incredible graphics to its smartphones? This is what a rumor seems to indicate …
Smartphones now work like a computer. And to run a powerful and greedy game, it takes a sufficient configuration (processor, RAM and graphics card). It is in this perspective that Apple wants to transform its iPhone (that the creator of Android wants to compete) into a real technological bomb and propose its own graphics chip. Imagination Technologies, currently working on the PowerVR of the next models, received a note that leaves little room for doubts . A note that clearly states that Apple will now control the creation of graphics chips for its iPhone in a desire for independence.
The memo explains that Apple “works independently and separately on its own chip in order to take control over its products and reduce its dependence on Imagination technology in the future . ” Imagination Technologies nevertheless wished to meet in an atmosphere tense one imagines … “Apple has presented no evidence to support the claim that it will not need the Imagination technologies without violating its patents, Intellectual Property and its Confidential Information.These proofs were claimed by Imagination but Apple refused to offer them . Apple , who plans to offer an iPhone 8 to the revolutionary camera , will he say goodbye to the ” One of its major suppliers? The rumors evoke discussions between the two firms . And you, what do you think?