IPhone OS, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017: Here’s the right technique to recharge your smartphone

Techno 12 July, 2017

Having an iPhone SE or a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is good. Recharging it while protecting its battery is even better. Here is the technique to adopt!

You are the lucky owner of a smartphone of the latest iPhone 7 / iPhone SE type or even a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 or even a Galaxy S8 but, your terminal battery crumbles as quickly as smokes Wiz Khalifa. If you leave your smartphone plugged into the charger all night, it’s like you’re comparing 50 cent to Jay-Z: a foolish thing! And according to a report from Cadex Electronics Inc. demonstrates that a 100% charged battery is damaged by the high voltage it needs. In short, discover the best technique to recharge your smartphone, while protecting its battery!

If you want to pamper the battery of your smartphone, it is necessary to recharge the latter in small doses, throughout the day. And most importantly, do not charge your phone via a computer. Instead, use the official smartphone charger. The airplane mode is also very effective to recharge your smartphone quickly. Finally, learn to stop scrolling on Instagram / Facebook when your smartphone is being reloaded. It may be only a battery, but it also needs to be taken care of. And promised, she will make you well! Otherwise, Samsung offers you 70 euros discount on its former flagship, the Galaxy S7.